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“Paediatric physiotherapist” is a protected professional title.
Fair compensation for paediatric physiotherapists ensures their financial sustainability.


The association Physiotherapia Paediatrica was founded to give an adequate place to the main points of paediatric physiotherapy and to represent the specific interests of child physiotherapists at a cantonal, national and international level.

  • We encourage our members to identify and profile themselves as paediatric physiotherapists.
  • We promote a successful exchange among children’s physiotherapists as well as networking across disciplines.
  • We work together with child physiotherapeutic training and further education centres and support evidence-based work.
  • We advise members on professional policy issues, negotiate with cost bearers and advocate fair payment for child physiotherapeutic services.


  • We treat each other with mutual respect and empathy
  • We communicate attentively and openly
  • We operate with foresight increasing resources fairly
  • We are authentic

physiopaed Vorstand

Der Vorstand von physiopaed repräsentiert die Interessen aller Mitglieder, Sponsorinnen oder Sponsoren und Gönnerinnen oder Gönner und führt die Geschäfte der Vereinigung.

Judith Graser


PhD Kinderphysiotherapeutin in Fislisbach, AG

Regio Tessin: Ruben Forni
Regio Romandie: vakant
IOPTP: Marquerithe Barree

Christelle Anyig

Ressort Weiterbildung

MSc Kinderphysiotherapeutin in Amriswil, TG

Organisation Fachtagung: Careen van Son

Lea Meier

Ressort Qualität

Msc Kinderphysiotherapeutin in Affoltern am Albis , ZH

Sabine Burget Richter

Ressort Finanzen

BSc Kinderphysiotherapeutin in Udligenswil, LU

Sponsoren: Johanna-Lisa Burget

Lea Moinat

Ressort PR

BSc Kinderphysiotherapeutin in Hasle bei Burgdorf, BE

Websiteteam: Nicole Näf
Magasin Bulletin: Sarah Clausen, Sandra Frauchiger, Elisa Garbani-Nerini, Barbara Graf, Claudia Vogel and Sophie Wist
Translation: Sophie Charrière

Jasmin Basler

Ressort Berufspolitik

BSc Kinderphysiotherapeutin in Altdorf, UR

Berufspolitische Beratungen und Themen:
Thomas Schumacher, Manuela Zgorski und Virginie Schenk

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