Cost coverage

When are the costs of physiotherapeutic treatment covered?

If there is a medical prescription, the basic insurance, accident insurance or IV will cover the costs of treatment.

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Administration and legal affairs

A prescription for physiotherapy treatment is valid for 9 sessions. The treatment should start within 5 weeks after the medical prescription. If the child’s health so requires, the treatment can be extended for 3 more sessions. After the first 9 treatments, the insurer has the right to request further information from the treating doctor or physiotherapist. With the agreement of the insurers (health insurance, casualty insurance or disability insurance), a long-term treatment (4×9 treatments) can also be requested.

  • Physiotherapy is a health profession. It operates in the intersection between human sciences such as medicine, psychology, technical and social sciences.
  • Physiopaed has developed a detailed professional profile of the child physiotherapist. This describes the training, the skills, the field of activity and the respective treatment objectives.
  • The paediatric physiotherapist must take the requirements of the health insurance companies into account and practise her profession within the legal framework.
  • Physiotherapy can be prescribed by any doctor and does not necessarily have to be prescribed by a paediatrician or a specialist.

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