Advice about physiotherapy without medical prescription

Physiotherapeutic advice without medical prescription

Physiotherapeutic treatment usually requires a medical prescription..

But even if your child is generally healthy, physiotherapy can still help your child’s development. You can take advantage of a counselling session without a doctor’s prescription.

Reasons for a consultation can be:

  • Your baby is doing well, but his motor development seems to be delayed: How can you encourage and support your child?
  • Your child slumps at the desk: how can you adjust the furniture to best suit him/her?
  • Your teenager has poor posture.

Your child physiotherapist can give you professional advice and answer your questions. If there is indeed a medical problem or further clarification is needed, your therapist will recommend a visit to your paediatrician.

You pay for any consultations that take place without a doctor’s prescription. Some complementary insurance policies contribute to the costs. Be sure to clarify this in advance directly with your health insurance company.