Advanced Course NDT Bobath 2022, Theme: Hypotonia

Course goals

  • Observing and analyse children of different ages (babies, pre-school, school) with a predominant hypotonia component. Differentiation between hyperlaxity, and hypotonia/hypoactivity
  • Discussing current practices in the assessment of hypotonia in children
  • Detecting early signs and differentiating benign hypotonia, hypotonias present in undiagnosed developmental disorders, in genetic syndromes, in cerebral palsy (basic tone)
  • Analyse strategies and determine future consequences, (forward-looking view)
  • Identifying (among others) respiratory, oral disorders, orthopaedic consequences, etc.
  • Develop the individualized care of each child presented at the course according to their interests, skills, needs and family priorities.
  • Experiment with the most appropriate therapeutic techniques for the child and adapt them to the context.
  • Think about how to integrate other therapeutic tools depending on the needs of the child/ family
  • To work out SMART Goals according to parents and child needs and desire. To assess results with simplified Goal attainment Scale